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With over a decade of experience in the industry, I've been fortunate to interview incredible individuals and write pieces from across the country. From Grammy-nominated musicians to award-winning preservationists and top-rated breweries, I've had the privilege of sharing their stories with the world through my writing.

I managed and contributed to Two Lanes, Mike Wolfe's (American Pickers) travel blog, steering over 300,000 subscribers down America's Main Streets, highlighting hidden gems and promoting heritage tourism. Through my travel guides, readers were able to experience an immersive and memorable adventure, woven together with the rich history, culture, and unique experiences.

As a content writer and editor for Next Glass, I wrote for four of their solution suites, including Untappd for Business, Ollie Order, Ollie Ops, and Hop Culture. My work reached audiences in over 175 countries, establishing me as a recognized voice in the craft beer community.

With a portfolio spanning a decade of fascinating interviews, explorations of noteworthy locations, and captivating content, my passion for storytelling has only grown stronger. 

Take a look at my work by exploring my featured articles below.

Featured Articles

Come Stay At Mike's Two Lanes Guesthouse

Travelers who’d like to be immersed in Mike Wolfe’s Two Lanes backroad lifestyle can now make themselves at home in his Columbia, Tennessee

Mike’s Two Lanes Guesthouse is officially open to the public as a unique, Main Street loft vacation rental in Columbia, Tennessee. This is the first time that fans of American Pickers get to see picks from the show that Mike has pulled out of barns and sheds across America presented as decor.

The Oldest Roadside Attraction in Florida

Since 1947 the Weeki Wachee mermaids have lured U.S.19 drivers to a performance 20 feet below the surface inside the deepest freshwater spring in America.

Imagine you’re out cruising down the Two Lanes of central Florida and you see a mermaid waving to you from a rock on the side of the road. You pull over, follow the tropical mirage out of the car and down into a limestone theater submerged 20 feet below the surface of one of the deepest naturally formed underwater caverns in the country.

Motor Motels: Spend The Night In Another Time

There was much to celebrate with the conclusion of The Great Depression and WWII. The economy was beginning to bounce back, soldiers returned home, and in neighborhoods around the country, more automobiles could be found parked in the driveway.

With daily life beginning to return to normal, there was a hunger to explore beyond the front porch and create happy new memories by taking road trips. All there was to do was pack a bag, pick a direction on the map stashed in the glove compartment, and

Documenting Biker Culture In America

Paul d’Orléans and Susan McLaughlin travel on Two Lanes, using a Sprinter van as a mobile darkroom, as they capture wet plate-style photos of motorcycles and their owners.

Wet plate photography is an art that’s as old as the state of California. That’s where Susan McLaughlin, a tintype photographer, met Paul d’Orléans, a motorcycle culture expert, author, and rider, in the 1990s, not knowing that one day their two specialties would unite, and discover new ways of picturing biker culture.

What It Looks Like Restoring One of The Oldest Hotels in America

“A nod to the past and an eye to the future…”

Welcome to The National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City, California. You’ve just checked into one of the oldest hotels in America.

If the ornate velvet walls of this place could talk, there’d be enough material to produce the next big Netflix docuseries. Stories about famous guests like Mark Twain and Black Bart swimming in the mountain spring-fed pool in the courtyard, the legendary lore of gold-hungry hopefuls exchanging their finds in the tunnels.

Check In To The Last Remaining Hotel Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright

Mason City, Iowa is home to the only remaining hotel in the world designed by world-famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Completed in 1910 and restored in 2011, The Historic Park Inn continues to welcome guests from around the world to experience this truly, one-of-a-kind stay.

Three hours northwest of Antique Archaeology's LeClaire location rests this historic hotel and next door bank. 100 years ago, this midwest town of fewer than 27K, brought one of the greatest architects of all time to break ground

Favorite Beer and BBQ Pairings, According to a James Beard Award-Winning Pitmaster

This weekend, we’ll be gathered in the backyard with family. Most likely, fixing up a plate of Uncle Joe’s famous dry rubbed ribs, smoked wings, and other BBQ accouterments. The big question: What the heck do we drink to wash it all down? Do you know what beer will perfectly complement the char and flavor of barbecue?

Full disclosure: We didn’t. So we turned to an expert.

Lucky for you, we happen to be friends with James Beard Award-Winning Pitmaster and classic Carolina-style BBQ chef Rodney

A Brewer’s Guide to Water Chemistry

Since water is the largest component of brewing beer, it’s important to understand the chemistry behind it. And what you can do, as a brewer, to make sure it’s the best grade possible. According to Precision Fermentation's report called “Water Chemistry for Brewers,” “by understanding the way water chemistry impacts the sensory quality of finished beer, and by analyzing fermentation and other data, brewers can control sensory aspects of their brews like never before.”

6 Ways to Maintain a Clean and Sanitized Brewery

A brewery cannot exist without occasionally spilling beer on the floor. While these spills themselves are not dangerous, they can have long-term issues without the proper floor sealants.

For example, if you have a spill on an unsealed floor, like concrete, you’ll never be able to remove the spilled liquid. This moisture produces the ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria and mold.

So, since breweries, by nature, are wet environments, solid sealants like epoxy can help lock out moisture.

The 5 Most Profitable Bar Foods

Fried food is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about amazing bar food. With good reason.

Customers enjoy fried foods. Fried food is a great way to upsell in your bar or brewery because crunchy, salty, fried foods make people thirsty for something cold and bubbly to wash it down.

In that same vein, fried foods often become bestsellers on bar menus because they complement beer so well, especially hoppy styles such as hazies, West Coast IPAs, and double IPAS.

Craft Beer Trademarks: How to Apply for One and How to Protect Yours

Four years ago, Stone Brewing filed a trademark dispute with Molson Coors. The now ninth largest brewery in the country argued that the macrobrewery’s Keystone brand violated Stone Brewing’s registered STONE® trademark when they marketed cans with only “STONE,” dropping the “KEY.” In March 2022, the San Diego federal court ruled in Stone’s favor, awarding the brewery $56 million. Interestingly enough, not one month later Stone Brewing found itself embroiled in a trademark dispute once again.

16 Fresh Ideas for Promoting Your Bar and Taproom

For centuries, bars and taverns have been a gathering place where folks from all walks of life can gather and bond over a pint any time of the day. And today, you can add taprooms to that list of gathering spaces. There are many times you can count on your bar or taproom being a little busier, like on payday or during happy hour. But what about the days when business tends to be a little slow? How can you continue to drive traffic to your establishment during those off-peak hours of the week?

WiFi Marketing: What It Is and Why Your Business Should Utilize It

WiFi marketing enables shoppers to access your store’s WiFi, aiming to increase the number of new visitors and their conversion rate. With this strategy you can get data on new customers and learn more about existing ones through their online behavior, among other things.

Here are four more ways WiFi marketing can improve your business:

WiFi marketing allows you to target your consumers as they enter your business. Why is this helpful?

The Top 5 Restaurant Wait-in-Line Apps to Try Right Now

When people have a good time in your restaurant, they’re more likely to leave a better review, which in turn can actually help you boost your bottom line.

For instance, Qless reports that a restaurant's income is anticipated to increase by five to nine percent with a one-star boost on Yelp.

According to that report, five percent of customers say they are unlikely to return after a bad experience that can be attributed to poor customer service, subpar cuisine, or excessively long queues at rest

Should You Start a Food Delivery Service?

While researching food industry trends for 2022, they forecasted that the pandemic would drive a revolution in digital and delivery services by changing how people purchased and received food like curbside pickup, online ordering, and delivery. Now, it’s a sentiment shared across the industry. Boston Consulting Group reported in the article “The $100 Billion Digital Lifeline for Restaurants” that “Delivery’s market share jumped from 7% in 2019 to about 20% in 2020.

A Guide to a Standard Liquor Pour

There is nothing better than a full bar. As a bar owner, witnessing patrons sipping cocktails and engaging in conversation is a sign of repeat business and a profitable day. According to a National Restaurant Association study, the typical bartender can make thirty-six drinks in an hour (Ward III). To get the most out of your liquor bottles and maximize your margins on a busy night, it's critical that your bartenders are well-versed in standard liquor pours.

How to Create a Prix Fixe Menu

Here are a few of the top reasons why a prix fixe menu benefits your business.

A prix fixe option might be available every day at some restaurants or just for a set amount of time. Either way, because you use a set menu price, running with a prix fixe means that you know the exact food cost per diner.

Which in turn helps you keep your food cost under control. With just a set menu, you can order only the ingredients you need for each dish instead of a wide range that may not be used everyday.

The Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Glasses

Certain cocktails benefit from a wide range of glasses that enhance both their appearance and taste. Picking the right drinkware boosts a beverage's aroma and temperature. All this means that using the right cocktail glass is incredibly important. But what type of glass does your bartender need for some of the most common cocktails on your bar’s menu? Read on to learn about the most common types of cocktail glasses and how their design brings out different aspects of each beverage.

Sustainable Brewing Tips From Allagash and New Belgium

Three Ways New Belgium Makes Its Brewery More Sustainable at the National Level

New Belgium has supported sustainable incentives and regulations for the brewing industry for more than three decades, advocating for other breweries to produce beer in a more environmentally friendly manner.

In a significant effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, New Belgium has brewed the country’s first carbon-neutral beer, implemented solar panels, produced power from process effluent.

6 Reasons to Stop Using Google Sheets to Manage Your Brewery

As a brewer, when it comes to your day-to-day operations, reliability is key. Knowing that you’re fully prepared to brew your brand’s best-selling pilsner or making sure that your hops supplier received a timely invoice is crucial to healthy brewery operations.

Just as you pride yourself on using the best ingredients for your beer, why shouldn’t the same care go into a reliable brewery management system that works with your brewery as it grows?
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